Unparallel Experience

The Meiki series has completely change the male pleasure experience from masturbating to clean up and storage. Meiki masturbators offer an unparallel realistic looking appearance to visually enhance your masturbation. The Meiki Masturbators has internal textures never seen before in the industry offering an unique experience. The lineup later expanded to the creation of the Meiki Plush series which allow users to experience their existing masturbator collection in a whole new way by adding a real body size tactile experience to hand sized masturbator sleeves. Lotion and storage solutions were also added to Meiki's offering to further enhance all areas of the male masturbation experience.

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Current Lineup In The Series

From onaholes to larger hips and dolls, all items in the series are designed to offer you an unique experience.

Masturbation Sleeves

The onahole industry took a giant step forward when Meiki series masturbators redefine realism in masturbation. Whether you prefer large or small, soft versus tight, stimulating or mellow, the vast series of Meiki Products offer an array of pleasure experience for males everywhere.

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Masturbation Hips

Those looking to upgrade their experience from hand sized masturbator can find larger hip sized masturbators featuring some of the most realistic and hottest Japanese AV stars.

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Turn your onahole sleeves into a full body sized pleasure experience with Meiki Doll Series. The life sized torso, body, and hip dolls allow you to insert your onahole to create a brand new experience and breath new life into your tired old sleeve.

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Get the best experience from your items by using Meiki branded lotion. The Meiki Bliss lotion is design to be thinner than those available from Japan while being thick for use with all types of onahole interiors. Water based and easy to wash off, Meiki Lotion is on of the top lotion experienced users goto for their pleasure needs.

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From storage to drying, get the Meiki accessories that will save you time and trouble.

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