The Origin of Meiki

The word "Meiki" has become synonymous with "Realistic Vagina Masturbator" and has become one of the most well known phrase for "Fake Vagina" or "Fake Pussy" sex toy online. The word Meiki means "Famous Tool" and became famous across Asia when a pair of products was launched called Meiki no Hinkaku or Meiki's Goods. These were the first internally and externally realistic vagina replica toys and revolutionize sex toys in Japan. The material of Meiki's Good's two models "Up" and "Down" was very soft while the interior was extremely detailed and realistic. The manufacturer had enlisted the aid of professionals in designing every detailed of the interior. The end product was so realistic, it is said that 1 in every 70,000 woman has the same interior structure.

Following the success of Meiki Up and Meiki Down, the manufacturer wanted to continue the innovation they started. A new line of replica Meiki product based on real women was planned and launched under the series "Meiki no Shoumei" or "Meiki's Proof". The new series used one of the most internationally well known Japanese AV actress Maria Ozawa as its muse. The result "Meiki no Shoumei File 001 Maria Ozawa" or as Meiki calls it, "Meiki Maria Ozawa", is a product that is now a favorite around the world.

Meiki Maria Ozawa's overwhelming success started a wildfire of Meiki products as many other manufacturers tries to catchup or ride the new Meiki wave. Since 2008 a number of other famous AV actress have received the Meiki treatment including Nao Yoshizaki, Saki Ootsuka, Rui Saotome, Aoi Chihiro, Sarah, Natsuhara Karen, Meguru Kosaka, Kasumi Risa, Miyu Hoshino and many others. Non AV actress has also received the Meiki treatment including "The most online searched female beauty in China" Zhang Xiao Yu and Taiwan's "Betel Nut Beauty" Yen Yu Yi.

Many new innovations have been added since 2008 on Meiki products to enhance their use or to add more features. Clone Meiki series with their "Clone Skin" material are one of the softest Meiki products available. Dual Layer construction design was introduced in 2010 with Meiki no Shoumei File 005 Zhang Xiao Yu that incorporates a thin inner layer of harder material for a more simulating experience while still being very realistic.

With the sucess of the dual layer construction and the Meiki File 005 Zhang Xiao Yu, the manufacturer follwed it up with 2 more dual layer Meiki Sleeves: Meiki File 006 Yen Jyu Yi, a betel nut beauty from Taiwan, and Meiki File 007 Sarah, a half Brazilian half Japanese AV model.

The popularity and the success of the Meiki series has been spread around the world, now there are Meikis being made in other countries as well. The most notable are the Korean made Meikis that introduced vibrating, rotating, and sound effect insert-able attachment to further enhance user experience, calling it the Meiki Auto.